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  Who are we?

Quiénes somosFUNDESALUD is a non-governmental organization, formally constituted in 2003. It was established in Santiago de Cali- Colombia by a civil society representatives and a group of professionals from different public health and socio-economic disciplines, interested in population health actions to apply public health principles: equity, human rights, and social justice.

Research, knowledge sharing, technological development and capacity building to face health challenges, are the main front lines of FUNDESALUD.


Produce knowledge, information and evidences about population´s health, and the impact and effectiveness of policies and programs to tackle health inequities, with the purpose of contributing to the strengthening of initiatives and social movements aimed to create, maintain and promote health & wellbeing.


FUNDESALUD booster of a Social Movement with no geographic frontiers, oriented to break barriers of the knowledge in order to close the gap between Theory, Reality and Practice.


Produce and disseminate knowledge, evidences of program success, and technologies, in order to strengthen the capacity of population, individuals and institutions, to face social determinants of health and participate in decision-making processes aimed to improve quality of life and population’s health.