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  Opportunities for a better life
  In memoriam: Armando Salazar Malagón

Armando Salazar Malagón - Oportunidades para la vida

FUNDESALUD is strengthened with the creation of the Social Line, “Opportunities for a Better Life”; through it, the social work of the Foundation is widen, contributing to the development of children, teenagers and families exposed to unfavorable conditions that threatens their ability to face challenges in order to reach an optimum development.

This social initiative has been expanded in memory of Armando Salazar Malagón, a Colombo-Canadian young man, who devoted himself in helping those in needs. Armando died unexpectedly on January 15th of 2012, but his sensitivity and work for the vulnerable populations, is a legacy that the Foundation wants to keep through this working line.

Through the strategy “opportunities for a better life”, local demonstrative experiences are created in which the knowledge, the motivations and the expectations of promoters and beneficiaries of the interventions, are all combined.