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  Evaluative Research: Impact and Effectiveness of Policies and Programs

 Investigación evaluativa: Impacto y efectividad de politicas y programasThe responses to health conditions and the social determinants has direct implications on the design and implementation of interventions, as well as in the methodological criteria and methodological approaches to respond to questions related to the effectiveness and impact of interventions. As understood, the evidence of effectiveness and impact is not only based on statistical associations, but also it includes variables related with the quality of the design and implementation of the intervention as well as the influence of the context in the results.

The influence of new paradigms around the health and ways to produce it and maintain it is reflected in the way the problem is defined; the problem is more than numbers and averages, this frequently hide realities and do not allow identifying the social differences and its consequences in the health of the groups-populations. In this sense, we refer not only to causes but about causal networks; not only about averages, but about distributions and trends, in accordance with specific categories. Therefore, the response not only relates services for the sick, but also with the promotion healthy conditions and protective environments.

Also, the responsibility is not only of the health sector but also of other areas of the development. The prior mentioned, implies widening the vision of health and the social response, which should reflect an integral and innovative vision of life’s, not only of the health.


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