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  Research and Technological development

The research topics have been centered on the analysis of the health conditions of the population and specific groups; determinants and factors related to these conditions; and effectiveness and impact of policies and programs in health promotion and public health.

Our research agenda therefore, has concentrated in issues related to theory and practice of health promotion and public health policies and programs; impact assessment and effectiveness evaluation of complex interventions; as well as sustainability of development of social processes.

The knowledge and practical experiences have materialized in a package of technologies, which have been implemented and validated with technical or financial support of the following institutions: International Union for Health Promotion and Education IUHPE; Center for the Evaluation and the Development of Policies and Technologies in Public Health CEDETES; Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC; American Network for the Surveillance of Non-Communicable Diseases; Pan American Health Organization PAHO; Canadian Universities of Toronto, Victoria and Calgary; Public Health Institute of Cuba;  Oswaldo Cruz Foundation , FIOCRUZ  from Brazil; Brasilia University; Puerto Rico University. We make special mention to the Center for the Evaluation of Technologies in Public Health, CEDETES- Public Health School-Universidad del Valle; with whom there has been a technical and strategic alliance to enhance efforts around initiatives of interest for both institutions.

The results of the research and technological developments have been disseminated in publications, technical meetings, courses-workshops and conferences. Below, a list of the publications and most recent works; to which there is access through the Web Page of FUNDESALUD. The publications in alliance with CEDETES, can also be obtained on the page (UNIVALLE). Further below a glance to the most recent developments.